Motivating Individuals To Take Actions That Improve Their Total Well-being.

Digital Health Portal

Healthcues provides a specialized, fully integrated technology suite developed with the goal of assisting employees in establishing a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously improving employee productivity and reducing the need for healthcare.

Personalized Coaching

We provide employees with access to preventative healthcare coaches that are registered nurses personally assigned to them.


On demand telemedicine enabling medical consultation to take place through secure, electronic communication including bi-directional video conferencing, telephone and email.

Behavioral Health

On demand behavioral clinicians will provide assessment, diagnosis, consultation, and brief psychotherapy to address each employees behavioral health needs through live, interactive video conferencing.

Risk Identification

We predict and classify 35 different conditions and identify and rank the health risks of your unique environment.

Genomics Testing

We are able to leverage this individualistic approach to place an emphasis on each employee individually and offer each participant an opportunity to set goals for his/her physical and mental well-being based on their genetics.

The health of your employees is our value proposition.

Our team is committed and enthusiastic about offering the best tools and technology to engage your employees in a preventative healthcare program to improve their mental and physical health.

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